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Website Design

It's like climbing a mountain: I lived in Colorado for almost 2 years. Conquering mountains either by foot or by 4X4 is both a challenge and a reward. Creating a website is like climbing a mountain. When you finish, nothing beats the view at the top. See a partial list of websites built by Rogerroger.

Online office

Always in touch via email: My email inbox never stops. It always works. Zap me an email or call me at 713-248-7369.





Visual Design

Website Theme: You've been curious about how the stylistic, blue-wavy lines were created. Were they produced using expensive $1000 software? Were they outsourced productions from a New York advertising firm? You'll chuckle when you hear the story. They came from an imaginative use of a Blackberry camera phone while standing in line at Disney World's attraction ride Soarin'.

See Aerial Photos from Rogerroger See Aerial Photos from Rogerroger

The Rogerroger Company

Houston, TX. 2017 is a year marked with an opportunity to consider restyling a website. Rogerroger can creatively style a website or shoot an aerial photo for you.

Friendly in a business way...

We all would prefer to have a friend in the business. A friend is someone you can trust during the whole course of the business transaction. A stranger always leaves us skeptical. At The Rogerroger Company, we replace the cold transaction with a warm approach to turn business into a friendly relationship. Rogerroger has been shooting aerial photos throughout Texas since 1997. My website clients renew their annual subscriptions loyally because they prefer the friendly service.

The Rogerroger Company integrates creativity and more creativity into all projects.
  • Find a website designer who cooperates with you.
  • Your website should come with Webmail and other features like autoresponders.
  • Save Money by hosting your website with Rogerroger. Domain registrations are free when you host with me.

To get a domain, make your request by using my Contact Form.

Quote of the Day...

Aviation: One of the greatest quotes comes from an aviation event called "The Miracle on The Hudson". All 155 passengers aboard US Airways Flight 1549 survived the splashdown landing on the frigid Hudson River on January 15, 2009. One survivor, Mark Hood, speaks with a positive outlook. "There is really, really nothing in life to fear," he said. "I feel like every day is a bonus no matter how difficult the problems that are thrown at you or at me." In 2016, Tom Hanks is the star of the Hollywood movie, "Sully".